Why Hymns?

I just released a 6-song collection of hymns that I'm really proud of. Listen here. I hope you like them!

Musically speaking, I've sometimes described myself as living in two worlds: the singer-songwriter americana-ish world and the worship leading, faith-songs world. I write original music (singer-songwriter), and I travel to retreats, camps, church events (worship leading) and play, you know, "faith-songs," which includes hymns.

I've spent a lot of my life worried about what people would think: will people who don't consider themselves people of faith or, at least, do not identify with the Christian faith, be turned off by knowing I'm a worship leader? Or will church-people think I'm not "Christian enough" because I'm not a "Christian artist"? (Don't get me started on the latter; that's for another blogpost.)

But I've grown tired of worrying about that. I do not live in 2 worlds; I live in this one. And in this world, I am who I am, and I write original songs (not "Christian" songs), and I love hymns. I like writing new melodies to hymns; I like freshening up old melodies; I like surprising the people who hate modern worship music by singing a hymn a youth camp and watching their arms unfold from across their chest.

So, I made a hymns EP. You can hear it here.

A better description would be that I have two streams of music, and those two streams branch off from one river - that's me! I am who I am, and I can't worry any longer about what people think about what kind of music I make. And, actually, I bet I've been more worried about it than anyone else has.

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