This Love.

One month ago, in June, I released a new song called Long Year. And then I wrote this poem. I hope you like them both.

Love is always becoming. What it becomes remains to be seen, depends on the work, depends on our words and actions and commitments. But it is always becoming. That's what the song Long Year is getting at, too, though I wouldn't have said that when I wrote it. At that time, I was just stretching myself out and saying, "I want to stick around. I want to be here to stay."

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This Love.

This love
is older now,
almost 12 years so,
making it
hard to remember
12 years ago.

This love
is becoming
something else.

There are disagreements
I never thought we'd have.
Not us:
we are prepared,

There are fears
I did not recognize.
Who are you?
Why are you here?
This cannot be.
You can leave.

This love
is becoming

This love
is learning still
how to be
how to grow up
how to act.
Full of surprises
(good and unpleasant).
Full of laughter.
Full of uncertainty.

There are deep sighs
at the things that repeat,
broken record, as they say.
Things I thought we'd fix
they return
stuck on the player
as they say,
broken record.

This love
is becoming

because you learn
words don't always fix a thing.

.  .  .  .  .  .

this love is becoming stronger
becoming wiser
with the seasons.

You learn 
what can break you
is what can also put you
back together.

What can hurt you
is what can mend
the deepest hurts
is what can light up
the darkest corners
the ones you'd rather keep dark.

What can tear it all down
can re-build you
brick by brick
careful, you must be.

.  .  .  .  .  .

This love
is older now
becoming something else
something new
so that I realize
I just did not know
what love is
what love could be.

This love
is becoming

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