Let the Light In

Yesterday was difficult. The day was sunny and crisp, just like an Autumn day should be. The sky was blue and the leaves are bursting into color. The zinnias are still blooming because they can survive in the in-between, still offering their beauty to your kitchen table guests. 

For you, though, the day's colors were bleached by sadness, all the color lost to the whitewashing power of that dull ache. You barely survived yesterday without tears.

But today, my dear, when you first walk through your home in the morning hours, making your way to the coffee pot in the still-dark and closed-up house, I want you to lift the shades. Let the light come pouring in. Pick a flower and set it in the windowsill so your eyes, though still prone to grief (and that's OK) can see some life and color, too. Sadness is real. And so is hope.

Let the light in.


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