Do you want to write?

If you want to write then guess what? You have to write. You have to pick up a pencil, open your laptop, silence your cellphone, park your butt in a chair, do whatever it takes to get yourself there. And then you just write.

But here's what I'd rather do: complain.

Oh, I mean, I don't consciously think, "I'll complain today instead of writing," but you can't tell the difference by the amount of whining heard both inside and outside of my head. My schedule is too full. I'm too stressed. My to-do list is too long. No one gives me a paycheck for writing. I don't want to get up earlier.

(And I'm too embarrassed to put this one outside of parenthesis but did you see that Instagram post of that new coffee shop? Yeah, me, too, and I clicked through and omg they have this super-cute space where I'd like to go set up shop sometime and do my writing, and oh yeah, I saw so-and-so in the photo, so I went to her feed and did you know she's a musician? And, yeah, I saw this cool venue she played at so I added it to my venue list, and I'll contact them someday. And then I saw this new pair of shoes I want.) 

But at some point, you simply must write. 

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